Monday, July 23, 2007

Venture Forward

Paddling Grand Sable Dunes
photo by Bentley Whitman
Well, I'm climbing aboard the Blog Train after some encouragement from friends and some protracted admiration of other efforts out there in the blogosphere. I can't guarantee I'll maintain all of the established conventions, jargon, lingo, latest IT conventions, so on and so forth, but I'm a good learner. Hopefully those of you whose work I admire are complemented if I borrow from your ideas or ask your opinions.

I can't even guarantee the content of this blog won't stray from it's intended purpose: a window into, source of information and celebration of my favorite free-time outdoor pursuits and a commentary on life in this wonderful place we know as Northern Michigan. I feel a bit reluctant to define the content that much; I like to stick to themes, but I also want to allow myself and readers the freedom of discussing whatever thoughts are generated herein (or out, or after). I'll continue to add to, adjust, manipulate as necessary in order to bring you the best version of what I want to bring forth, and to allow me the outlet this will provide.

I moved to the "winter water wonderland" of Northern Michigan four years ago last June, after a lifetime of vacations to the area and a growing desire to live where the outdoor environment presents so many opportunities. Now, I'm just surpassing the point where I look around after a weekend of recreating and think to myself, "about time to return home from vacation". ...just before realizing I am home.

And what a home it is.