Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008 Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium

Well, this year’s Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium is a wrap.

Weather was not as nice as last year, but more than one person commented on the cooler temps being easier to paddle in. And the fog lent a mystic ambience to the paddling trips.

As usual the symposium passed too quickly. This year was my first as a volunteer with the symposium and hopefully one of many working with the group; it was a pleasure to do so, to say hi to people I knew through paddling, and to meet some more great folks in the sport. It really is remarkable the range of people this event brings from near and far.

I want to thank Tiffany, Patrick and the rest of the gang at Riverside Kayak in Wyandotte, Rob and the rest of the committee, the rest of the group, the instructors, other volunteers, the great presenters, the vendors, and certainly the town of Grand Marais for making this such an excellent event. Let’s hope next year’s 25th anniversary can do this great symposium justice.